Lindo Oaxaca – Beautiful Oaxaca

This song reflects the pain of the Oaxacan people, forced to migrate to other lands in search of better opportunities.  If you’ve never had to unwillingly move to another country because of your economic situation, then you may never fully understand this song.

Because of it’s lack of industry and slow economy, Oaxaca is known throughout the Mexican Republic as being the poorest of all the Mexican states.  Many Oaxacans migrate to other countries to try and earn enough money to support their families back in the valley. You can find Oaxaqueños in all parts of the world, working hard to provide a future for those they love, at the price of being far from home.


Show me a Oaxacan that doesn’t passionately yearn for his/her homeland, and I’ll show you that this person really isn’t Oaxaqueño.

If you really want to appreciate Oaxaca, and understand the plight of the Oaxacan people, please take a moment and listen to the rendition by Susana Harp (a local singing legend).  I’ve provided the lyrics below:

I am so far away from you,
corner of dreams and flowers,
land where I was born,
and where my loved ones are.

Oaxaca, you live in me,
and I give my life for you,
hear the voice of my anguish,
that cries out and sings,
longing to go back.

Beautiful Oaxaca of my soul,
I don’t want to die,
without seeing you again.

Love that I will carry,
kept like a treasure,
never will I forget you,
I adore you so much.

If I never see you again,
my loving Oaxaca,
tell my love that her/his kisses,
I long to have forever.

Beautiful Oaxaca of my soul,
I don’t want to die,
without seeing you again.

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