Dios Nunca Muere

Oaxaca is surrounded by the majestic Sierra Madre mountains.

Oaxaca is surrounded by the majestic Sierra Madre mountains.

Dios Nunca Muere was written by Macedonio Alcalá Prieto in 1868, and the lyrics by Cipriano José Cruz in the same year.  It’s considered to be the official hymn of the State of Oaxaca.

Macedonio Alcalá was born in Oaxaca in 1831, and became a violinist, pianist, and songwriter.  He wrote this waltz as an expression of gratitude for receiving help during an illness and economic hardship as a result of the illness.

This is a beautiful song that speaks of how short life is, and how it can be very trying at times, but in the midst of difficulty there is hope and happiness.  Even in the face of death there is peace knowing that God is eternal – God Never Dies.


Muere el sol en los montes
Con la luz que agoniza,
Pues la vida en su prisa,
Nos conduce a morir.


Dies the sun in the mountains
With its fading light,
Because life in its haste,
Leads us to death.

Estrofa I

Pero no importa saber
Que voy a tener el mismo final,
Porque me queda el consuelo
Que Dios nunca morirá.

Stanza I

But it does not matter to know
I will share the same fate,
Because I have the consolation,
That God will never die.

Estrofa II

Voy a dejar las cosas que amé
La tierra ideal que me vio nacer,
Sé que después habré de gozar
La dicha y la paz, Que en Dios hallaré.

Stanza II

I’ll leave the things I loved
The ideal land of my birth,
I know that later I shall enjoy
The joy and peace that in God I shall find.

Estrofa III

Sé que la vida empieza
En donde se piensa
Que la realidad termina
Sé que Dios nunca muere
Y que se conmueve
Del que busca su beatitud.

Stanza III

I know that life begins
Where is thought
That reality ends
I know that God never dies
And He is moved
By he who seeks His bliss.

Estrofa IV

Sé que una nueva luz
Habrá de alcanzar nuestra soledad
Y que todo aquel que llega a morir
Empieza a vivir una eternidad.

Stanza IV

I know that a new light
Will reach our loneliness
And all those who happen to die
Begin to live forever.

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