Cielito Lindo

Banamex has sponsored a video of one of my all-time favorite Mexican songs – Cielito Lindo, which has recently become somewhat of a theme song for Mexicans all over the world.  This version is very interesting because it involves people from all walks of life.

The English translation is:

Through dark tresses, heavenly one,
a pair of deep brown eyes,
lower as they approach,
a stolen glance.

Ay, ay, ay, ay,
sing and don’t cry,
heavenly one, for singing
gladdens hearts.

A bird that abandons
his first nest, heavenly one,
then finds it occupied by another,
deserves to lose it.


That beauty mark you have
next to your mouth, heavenly one,
don’t share with anyone but me
who appreciates it.


If your little mouth, my dark girl,
were made of sugar,
I would spend my time
enjoying its sweetness.


From your house to mine
there is no more than a step.
Before your mother comes,
heavenly one, give me a hug.


Cupid shot off an arrow,
heavenly one,
And though he was playing,
I was wounded.

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